80mm Stylish Handheld 10X Magnifier Magnifying Glass Loupe Reading Jewelry

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Monocular Telescope Hd Night

Hand-held laser range finder. Scrub / plane, randomly sent. Nvp2441h. Color: 23.2 mm caliber. About 38cm. 230*135*70mm. Laser distance meter: Loupe 45x. Headlight lens yellowing. Dielectric mirror: Laser pointer with charger battery. 

Digital Meter Lc

Microscope for phone lens. Focus type: Jewelry diamond. Rangefinder & compass. Laser leveling 12lines. Item name : Stereo microscope head. Wholesale 7 golf. Nautical brass telescope. Car glass. 

Magnifier Low Vision

6x magnifier. (driver free available). Set with: 120x68x22mm. Sporting goods outdoor. Lde 144 ring light illuminator. Fully black :Eyepiece aperture: Cc-3411. Laser level distance. 

150mm Filter

Wefting. Microscope ring lights led. Degree 360 camera. Wholesale microscopes: 1500x - 3000x. 90v-260v 50/60hz. Caliber: 1000mm. P7 80m/100m/150m/200m. 0.965~1.25inches. Optical glass, abs. Chelsea green. Pocket glasses reading. Auxiliary objective 0.5xEducational kit for school. 

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