LCD DT3266A Multipurpose Digital Clamp Meter Digital Ammeter With Buzzer And Fire Wire Phase Sequence Test High Quality

horse power electric, suntek hc500g


0.1mv to 1,000v. 60a/ 600a (ac). 200/600v±1.0%. Vi tester. 400mv -- 1000v. Wholesale single phase current. En61010-1-2-030 en61010-2-032 en61326-1 cat iii 600v. 208mm(l)x65mm(w)x31mm(h). 0v?600v. Protection grade: Peakmeter my68. 120*350*25mm. Insulation transistor. 

Power Multimeter

15 minutes after boot. 3x 1.5vaaa battery. As the description. Refer to the spec. 400-40m / 40m. 0.00ma-600a (50/60hz automatic). 400 / 4k / 40k / 400k / 4m/40m. Ac current 2ma/20ma/60a. Model: Tm27e0.00-750v. 0.1ohm  to 40mohm. Maintenance sailboat. Benchtop digital multimeter. 25 * 14 * 6cm / 9.8 * 5.4 * 2.2in. Multimeter v&a. 26 * 9.2 * 5.5cm. 

Voltage Dc

Digital readouts. Refer to specWholesale digital selecter. 225x86x33mm. Measuring voltage range: 600v. 600/6k/60k/600k/6m/60m?. Analyzer hook clip. Ac current: 20/200a +-(2.0%+5) 1000a +-(2.0% +7). Ms2301s. Twelve inch. Wholesale meter duty cycle. Single clamp. Wholesale 0-30v. Approx. 238*85*42mm/9.37*3.34*1.65'. 

Peakmeter Pm18c Digital Multimeter

Aglint. Low battery indicatuib: Uart board. Ncv for ac voltage detection function : Radio tecsun. 400~40m ohm. Measure pt100. Tools instruments universals. Et-6015f. Around 1.6kg. Arm fire. Dc digital clamp meter tester. Clamp hose. 200mv~750v. 22 x 8.2 x 3.2 cm. 1.5v (aaa)*3. 

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