2pcs 42mm Diameter K9 Optical Glass Doublet Optics Glass Focal Length Double Convex Lens For DIY Astronomic Telescope Objective

agricultural equipments, element ex304

30x60 Binocular

Fully multilayer purple coated (fmc purple). 56-72mm. Wholesale tool watch. Item name: Pcb observation, electronic elements fixing, carving, phone repair. 115 * 140 * 40mm. Up to 3 hoursZoom in; 1600x. Bga pcb. Txs10-01dn. 70-152mm8x30 military binoculars. 8x11.6x3cm. Iron stand soldering. Mobile phone screen amplifier. 200x140mm. Vga hdmi. Camping and hiking. Max storage: 

Capture Window

Only for: 5p0097. Photo format: Tl00183. Continuous measurement. Domed magnifying glass. Zoom: :Magnifying lenses. 0.965 telescope eyepiece. 1 x 25x 30 pirate style monocular, 1 x pouch. +-1.5mm. Sw-e80. Ranging from: 

Watches Camping

Funcation: 20x 40x. 121*78*45mm. 1800g. Light effect. Lasere. Doumoo. 90 deg zenith mirrorDt-11. Wholesale laser levels: Storage temperature: 5.0mp camera for microscope. Image size: : Stereo microscope led camera. 11mm / 0.43 inch. 0.68kg (1.50lb.). Zinc alloy, glasses. 5g0001. 13mm mini lens 30 degree

3 Point Laser Measure

Av / usb / vga. Xml-30. Black. Gl121. 100 data store / recall. Modelers magnifying glass. Working distance: Wholesale flood lens. 2 in 1. Mg81003 head magnifier. Kp-jp40/60/80/100. 

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