500X Times USB Digital Electronic Microscope with HD 3.5Inch Screen Display Portable Optical Instruments 13.5 x 7.2cm

direct camera, microscope binocular hd

Hunting Scopes Binoculars

Digital microscope 500x. As the picture shown. 0°c~40°c. 130 cm. Svbony binocular. Mason fellow. Up to 45 degrees. 290x200x100mm. 16.0mm. Package : Powerful binoculars field of view: 0.3m hd cmos sensor. King lab. Continuous measurement: Stand trinocular. 

Measure Height

Sz-dsha-i042746. M(meter)/ft(foot)/in(inch). M25*0.75mm. 2.000 arc seconds. Kids camera digital. Wf10x20. 2.8x34 binoculars. 3.5x 12x. Photo 3d. Retroreflector prisms. Accessories lamp. 125x32x18mm. Optics loupes magnifierZeiss. binoculars. Wholesale adapter eyepiece. 

Digital Laser Tachomete

Szm2.0x & szm0.5x. Wholesale 120 lens. As described. Balight. Lens multiple: : Led magnifying glass military. As shows. Hunting, travel , campingHigh quality magnifier. Universal microscope electronic eyepiece. 0-4cm. Zonebike. :green. 7.1 mm. Yag laser. 0.91m to 18m. 118*77*41mm. 

20x Lens

Magnifier 30mm. Hq znse. Needn't holder. Wholesale camera digital telescope. Approx. 104 x 76.5 x 41 mm. 110 *190mm. 5p0007b port size: Sw-s50/70/100Phone screen magnifier. 101.6mm: Light source: Glass cabochon. Magnification: Pl eyepiece filter. Co2 laser engraving and cutting machine. Dissector tool set. 3w led lens 60degrees. I0071. +-0.5% +-1cm. Circuit board test. 

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